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    XIONGJI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD located in Shunde District of Foshan City in the Pearl Delta. Covered more than 5,000 square meters, more than 3,000 square meters of factory. Professional design, manufacture:metal products, metal wire technology, lighting and spring,electroplating linked with" special wire processing machinery. The companies have strong technology, production equipment, detection means complete; Products strictly in accordance with : "Business Standard" manufacturing and testing.
    Main product as follows: Straightening machine (line diameter:Φ0.3-Φ16mm), the hydraulic pressure entire automatically straightens the cutting off machine, the multi-purpose exactitude velocity modulation vertical section breaks a loom thread, the bicycle middle axle straightens the cutting off machine, the air operated precision tooth wheeled hits the sear slide, the tooth wheeled air operated precise thin slice (belt ramming) hits the sear slide, the tooth wheeled hits the sear slide, the flat wire machine,the mountaineering sear slide, the S hook suspension hook machine, the computer equalizing bar machine, the clothes rack trousers steel sear slide, the entire automatic clothes rack hook combination machine, the automatic clothes rack hook rubs the hands the tooth machine, the entire automatic key ring combination machine, the semiautomatic hydraulic pressure curvedframe machine, rubs the sharp bevel edge machine, rubs the hands the flower machine entire, the bording machine, the computer hydraulic pressure is automatic punch machine, the hydraulic pressure entire automatic rim machine, the microcomputer Small drawing a circle machine (circle diameter Φ6 ~Φ20), small drawing a circle machine, multi-purpose precise hydraulicpressure entire automatically drawing a circle machine (circle diameter:Φ25-Φ750);The side flat wire straightens the cutting off machine, the hydraulic press and so on is thematerial processing special-purpose machinery and zero, the fitting.
    Company "technology development and to the quality of survival" and the introduction,assimilation and improvement of domestic and foreign advanced technologies. Constant development,the first to develop a high degree of mechanization : practical new products on the market,users of popular praise. Taiwan leads in a variety of aircraft, such as : automatic hydraulic punching computer volumes circle machines, automatic racks hook combination machines, automatic threading machine racks, hooks, Precision Gear aerodynamic sheet (with stamping) deduction fighting machine.
    "Quality, integrity and price are advised, excellent" after-sales service for enterprises, service purposes. In the spirit of innovation, in the face of the WTO to domestic and foreign competition is the real opponent to join, but also "Unggi machinery" to a more professional, large-scale production. We invite users to join us to constantly explore, develop a new generation of more : "utility model" of the products, metal industry to create brilliant!